Nepal’s own electric motorcycle brand “Yatri Motorcycles”: The Cyber bike from Nepal

250kms+ in 2hrs of single charge “Cyber bike from Nepal” By Yatri motorcycles

As the electric motors are getting more powerful and efficient, the hype for electric vehicle is increasing. Last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announce their Cyber truck. The cyber truck will also be able to drive up to 500 miles on a full charge and Base models will have a range of 250 miles.

The startup motorcycle company in Nepal “Yatri” unveil its first model of electric bike. They have claimed that the bike will run 250km+ with full charge. The battery can be charged in 2 hours from the normal plug of your house.

The body is made from the carbon fiber and designed by engineers of Nepal. This project is named as “Project Zero” by the company. This bike is first reviled in the sisan baniya youtube chanel.

My personal review

The range is very good (250kms in single charge) and power ( 30 kW ) is also good. The design aspect somehow feels like royal enfield cafe racer but the design is cleaner and better than that.
It seems good for city ride but for off road, it’s not comfortable i guess.
The body is made from carbon fiber, which will make it expensive for sure but it will make the use of battery with more efficiency . I prefer to say it ” Cyber bike ” of ” Yatri ” just like Cyber truck of Tesla.
The dashboard is looking so crazy It looks like they have installed the complete tablet in the bike.

Bike design and looks

side view of yatri electric bike
dashboard view of yatri electric bike
Front view of yatri electric bike
back view of yatri electric bike

Price is yet unknown but the first model of the yatri bike will be purchased by “Saurav Jyoti – motorcycle collector”.
I think the price will be more than 10,000$ . What do you think the price should be ? Will you purchase this bike ? Comment down

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