Bhai tika Sait 2078 – Auspicious time for tihar 2021 in Nepal, India, Usa & other countries

According to the International Panchang Chairman Prof.Dr. Madhav Prasad Bhattarai, the for Bhai tika sait 2078 In Nepal time 11:02 AM, Kartik 20, 2078. The auspicious time for tika in different countries is given below in the Table.

Place & CountryDateTika Sait
Kathmandu, NepalKartik 20 (NOV 6)11:02 AM
Delhi, IndiaNov 611:17 AM
Newyork, USA (Nov 6)11:25 AM
Texas, USA (Nov 6)11:35 AM
California, USA (Nov 6)11:05 AM
Toronto, Canada (Nov 6)11:45 AM
Tokyo, Japan (Nov 6)10:51 AM
Sydney, Australia (Nov 6)11:51 AM
Melbourne, Australia(Nov 6)11:36 AM
New Zealand (Nov 6)11:45 AM
Portugal (Nov 6)10:45 AM
London, UK (Nov 6)11:05 AM
Paris, France (Nov 6) 11:35 AM
Norway (Nov 6)11:59 AM
Malaysia (Nov 6)11:25 AM
UAE(Nov 6)11:05 AM
Doha, Qatar (Nov 6)11:31 AM
Bankok, Thailand (Nov 6)10:45 AM
South Korea (Nov 6)10:47 AM
Israel (Nov 6)10:49 AM
Singapore(Nov 6)11:11 AM
Saudi Arabia (Nov 6)10:45 AM
Switzerland (Nov 6)11:15 AM
HongKong (Nov 6)11:05 AM
Bhai Tika Sait 2078/2021

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