Happy Gai Tihar Wishes in Nepali – गाई तिहारको शुभकामना

Gai Tihar is the third day of the Tihar festival and Gai Tihar is also called Govardhan puja. On this day the cow is worshiped because in the Hindu religion the cow is the roops and patron of the goddess Lakshmi. On this day all people cleaned the house and the doors and windows are decorated with garlands made from marigolds. Diyas have placed out the house and various types of electric light are decorated in the house to welcome the goddess Laxmi for visiting into the house because it is the belief that the goddess will not visit dark houses for prosperity and health. so that Here are some amazing Happy Gai Tihar Wishes in Nepali language text/font for the year 2079/2022 & Images. You can use these Happy Gai Tihar Wishes in Nepali wishes & photos to wish your friends & family on the day of Gai Tiharor Laxmi puja

Gai Tihar images

Happy Gai Tihar Wishes in Nepali
Happy Gai Tihar Wishes in Nepali

Gai Tihar Wishes in Nepali

गाई तिहारको सबैलाई शुभकामना
Gai tihar ko sabaima subhakamana

happy gai tihar
लक्ष्मी पुजा र गाई तिहारको शुभकामना
happy gai tihar 2021
lakshmi puja ra gai tiharko sabaima subhakamana

आज तिहारको तेश्रो दिन लक्ष्मी पूजा, गाइ पूजा, दिपावलीको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना
aaja tiharko tesro din lakshmi puja gai puja deepawali ko hardik mangalmaye subhakamana

happy gai tihar2021
लक्षिमी र माता पनि भनेर पुजा गर्छौ संमान गर्छौ गाईको
आज गाई तिहारको अबसरमा समस्त गाईहरुलाई गाई तिहारको शुभकामना
happy gai tihar2021

laksmini ra mata pani bhanera puja garchau saman
garchau gaiko aaja gai tiharko abasarma samasta
gaiharulai gai tiharko subhakamana happy gai tihar

happy gai tihar
यम पञ्चकको तेस्रो दिन
गाई तिहारको शुभकामना

happy gai tihar
yam panchak ko tesro din gai tiahrko subhakama na

Happy Gaai Tihar
भगवानले सबैलाई रक्षा गरुन्
सबैको घरघरमा लक्ष्मीको बास होस्
गाई तिहारको शुभकामना
happy gaai tihar 2021
bagwanko sabaima rakshya garun
sabaiko ghar gharma lakshmi ko
bass hoss gai tiharko subhakamana

Har samaye sakaratmak soch le
hamro kartya lai marga nirdesh garirajos
lakshmi puja tatha gai tiharkosubhkamana sahit

happy gai tihar 2079
yampanmchak bhari jalaine dipak le ghar bhitra andhakar nas
gaare jhai mata lakshmi ko anukkampale man bhitrako nas hos
kag kukur gai pujejhai manab le manab ko aapaman nagaros
tiharjo subhakamana

Worshipping cows projects the respect of Nepalese people towards the existence of other creatures in the plane happy gai Tihar

May this gai tihar brings a lot of happiness, propitious wish you a very happy gaai Tihar

~~~~THE END~~~~

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