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Dashain Tika Sait 2077 / 2020: Every year the Auspicious time for vijaya Dashami tika is determined by Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti, union of astrologist and priests. Every year the tika time is different and it is also different according to the countries and cities and as per the committee, the auspicious time to receive Dashain tike is at 10:19 am on Monday, October 26, 2020. Dashain festival is one of the greatest festival of Nepal celebrated for 10 days by Hindus. The 10th day of the Dashain is tika. In this day people put tika (Red-colored rice mixed with curd) on their forehead, jamara & Dakshina from the elder people in the family and relatives for taking blessings.
Date of Tika in Nepal: October 26,2020 (2077/07/10)
Saait Time in Nepal : 10:19 Am
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Dashain Tika Sait in Nepal & in Different Countries & cities

Here is the list of tika sait for 2020 / 2077 in different countries and cities. The most auspicious time for tika is 10:19 Am in Nepal. The subha saait for dashain tika 2077 in other countries are given below:

Country & CityDateDashain Tika Sait
Nepal26-October 202010:19 am
Delhi, India26-October 202010:35 am
America, NYC25-October 202011:05 am
America, California25-October 202011:45 am
America, Kentucky25-October 202011:07 am
America, Texas25-October 202011:57 am
London, England25-October 202011:39 am
Tokyo, Japan26-October 202010:35 am
Australia, Melbourne26-October 202009:13 am
Australia, Sidney26-October 202009:43 am
Austrailia, Brisbane26-October 202009:51 am
Canada, Toronto25-October 202011:43 am
Paris, France25-October 202011:41 am
Portugal, Lisbon25-October 202011:37 am
Malasiya, Kuala Lumpur26-October 202010:35 am
Abhu Dhabi, UAE26-October 202010:43 am
Qatar, Doha26-October 202010:21 am
South Korea, Seoul26-October 202011:27 am
Thailand, Bangkok26-October 202010:33 am
Israil26-October 202010:37 am
Singapore26-October 202010:41 am
Hongkong26-October 202010:49 am
Soudi Arabia26-October 202010:25 am
New Zealand, Wellington26-October 202010:15 am

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