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We are dedicated to provide Nepali song lyrics to you.

NepaliSongsLyrics.com (Nepali songs Lyrics) is not only for providing lyrics to our readers. We provide information about the song and related peoples (Singers, composers, etc). We provide official YouTube and other links to that song if available or possible.

We believe our beautiful songs should be understandable by all peoples of the world. So, we also provide an English translation of the song lyrics if possible. If the English translation is not available we translate the Nepali song Lyrics into English. So that our visitors across the globe can enjoy Nepali traditional and modern music but also the song lyrics.

We also promote our national and traditional music as much as possible with the help of our different websites and social media pages.

What can you Expect from Nepali songs lyrics dot com?

You can find any kind of lyrics in our site.
You can give contribution to our site by providing lyrics using this form
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Why NepaliSongsLyrics.com is better than other Nepali Song lyrics providers ?

  • We check the original song to test whether the lyrics are correct or not.
  • We provide official links (Youtube, fb page, spotify, itunes)
  • We provide brief description the the song. so that you can know about the song details
  • We provide English translation of the Song so that visitors from every country including and excluding Nepal can understand the lyrics of the Nepali song
  • Visitors can submit and request any Nepali song lyrics
  • We provide Nepali and Roman text to better understand and pronounce the song lyrics
  • We also provide news and other blogs related to Nepal and Nepali
  • we provide biography of singers and other celebrity in our website