Maya garne ko lyrics by Narayan Gopal – Nepali songs Lyrics

Maya garne ko lyrics & Song Details: This is one of the best song of Narayan Gopal. The cover song of “maya garne ko” song done by Ram krishna Dhakal is also hit song. Both original and cover songs are licensed to Music Nepal Youtube channel.
This song is said to be sung by Narayan Gopal after he fails in love with Queen Aishworya Rajya Laxmi Shah. This very melodious song is all time hit song and evergreen song. The words in this song are so touching that anyone gets emotional when they listen this song.
Narayan Gopal gave many hit songs to Nepali Music industry and this is one of his hit song.

Maya garne ko Lyrics

[ maya garne ko… ] x2
chokho maya pani dekhiyo

[ baachaa garne ko…. ] x2
bacha bandhan pani dekhiyo

maya garne ko chokho
maya pani de…khiyo..

[ ful sukumaar chha
nispaap chha
komal bhanthe, komal bhanthe ] x2
[ ful ko dhaar le ] x2
rete.. ko, pani dekhiyo

baacha garne ko
baacha bandhan pani dekhiyo

[ roi roi….. nachhutine
kasam khaane le, kasam khaane le ] x2
[ haasi haasi ] x2
kasam todeko pani dekhiyo

maya garne ko
chokho maya pani dekhiyo

haaa….. aahhhhh.. ….
[ prem bardaan ho ] x2
dui aatma ko
[ sangam bhanthe ] x2
[ koi koi le ta ] x2
aatma becheko pani dekhiyo

bacha garne ko….
bacha bandhan pani, dekhiyo

[sabko bhagwaan chha
bhagwaan le herchhan bhanthe
herchhan bhanthe] x2
[timro bhagwan le ] x2
here ko…. pani, dekhiyo

ahhh …..
maya garne ko
chokho maya pani dekhiyo


Maya garne ko chokho maya pani dekhiyo Lyrics in Nepali – Nepali songs Lyrics

maya garne ko song lyrics narayan gopal
maya garne ko song lyrics narayan gopal
maya garne ko song lyrics narayan gopal

I could not find the original link for the original song sung by Narayan Gopal so i’m providing this link:

Link for orginal song cover by Ram Krishna Dhakal

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