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You must visit this category if you really want the true and heavenly taste of Nepali Music and songs. This category contains all kinds of Old songs sung by our legendary singers.

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As the category name is “Evergreen Songs Lyrics” surely there’s something special. These are the songs of Nepal that are the real Gem of the Nepali Music industry.

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As per the demand of our viewers, we are now providing Hindi Songs Lyrics as well. We provide Top and latest Hindi Songs Lyrics from our site.

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As many of our Nepali Viewers also requested Punjabi Songs Lyrics we also post punjabi songs lyrics as per the request. Please use “Lyrics on Demand” feature to request your Preferred song’s lyrics.

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Nepali language is also related to sanskrit. A lot of sanskrit song’s or mantra lyrics can’t be understand by alot of peoples. So to make it easier, we provide simplified versions of sanskrit lyrics as per the request.

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This category contains the blogs written by our team members. The motive of writing blogs is to engage our viewers more to the site. We want our viewers get more than just songs lyrics.

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Note: This category contains blogs related to Nepal and Nepali. This category is specially for those, who wants to know more about Nepal and Nepali.

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This category contains all the latest and big news of Nepal.

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