How to get payoneer mastercard For Free?

Blog Topic: How to get payoneer mastercard for free?
If you work online, you probably need the master card many times. Each and every transactions needs MasterCard to work online.
As a Nepali freelancer (Web development, SEO, Ebay Data researcher) i need a lot of transactions to made. Luckily i’ve my friend’s mastercard and other solutions like skrill to use the money online and paying online..
But not everyone get friend who will give mastercard information to you. And may be you have already tried to order mastercard in Nepal. But i guess that try was unsuccessful and so you are here.
So there are few things to note while ordering payoneer prepaid mastercard, please read the full blog carefully.
What’s great about this technique? > It’s 100% working and legit method.

1. How to get payoneer mastercard for free or without 30$ in Nepal or anywhere?
2. Shipping address in payoneer card
3. How can i know if my card arrived or not ?
4. What to do after receiving card
5. Payoneer card proof

How to get payoneer card for free or without 30$?

My easiest trick is to signup in dailymotion and order card from there. so how to do it ?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: You will see the homepage
Step 3: scroll down to the footer of the page and click on a link “Become a partner”

Step 4: Click on monetize > Video monetize

get payoneer card for free - Step 4

Step 5: click on get started and signup

step 6: Click on Upgrade to partner

Step 7:Accept terms

Step 8: select a perfect size channel art for your account. It needs so precised image that you may have some trouble in choosing image. If you got some problems, then you can use online image resize tools for free.
or you can search images in google like “160×160 logo” and “1920×1080 cover image” and use those images

Step 9: Fill up other details and click on save

Step 10: click on earnings > payout methods

Step 11: Add payoneer card in payout methods and you will be redirected to payoneer page.
Enter all the correct details according to your citizenship and your permanent address
Note: Don’t sign in your previous account “If you already have one”.

Step 12: Fill up all the details [Must be correct – you have to verify those details later ] and you should be able to get your Payoneer prepaid MasterCard for free.
At last step: Select alternate shipping address if you are living in temporary place where you can receive the card easily
Note: If you are from Nepal then you may have to put phone number there.

What Shipping address should i keep while ordering payoneer prepaid mastercard ?

You can keep your nearest post office address

Shipping address Format
Address 1 : Your address 1
Address 2: Phone 98478-xx-xxx
City: Your CIty
Zip code: your postal code
Country: Your Country

Note: It’s very important to keep phone number in Address 2 section. Otherwise you will not get a call from post office.

Shipping address format for Nepal (For eg: if i need my card in dillibazar post office then i will keep the shipping address like the following )

Address 1: Dillibazar
Address 2: phone 98130-XX-XXX
Zip: 44600
City: Kathmandu
Country: Nepal

How can i know if my payoneer mastercard arrived or not ?

You will get a call from Post office. It usually takes 30-50 days to get the card.

Payoneer card:

Things to do after receiving your card

Go to your payoneer account and activate your card.
Note: Do not share your card details with anyone. Treat your card like cash.
Then you should be able to use your card online anywhere 🙂

See Video:

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