12 Best Places for Couples in / Around Kathmandu Valley

Do you live in Kathmandu and searching for the best dating spots or best places for couples? Yes, this blog is for you. For a romantic relationship between you and your partner, you have to find some good spots where you can express your feeling to your partner freely. I can understand how uneasy it becomes when you have to meet your partner in crowded and boring places. Don’t worry I’m giving you 12 amazing places/dating spots for couples in or around Kathmandu. The following places are the best places for couples in or around Kathmandu

1. Nagarkot

best places for couples in kathmandu Nagarkot
Mountain ranges view from Nagarkot

Yes, Nagarkot is near from kathmandu (around 30 km) and an awesome place for dating. You can enjoy the amazing and beautiful quite nature with your partner. If you don’t want to spend night there, it’s totally ok. It’s only few hours far from kathmandu city. With bike you can be there within 2 hours and if you don’t have bike you can be there by bus also.

You can get a bus from Bagbazar to Kamalbinayak and second bus from Kamalbinakayk to Nagarkot. As per my suggestion you should spend a night and see the amazing sunrise from there. The weather and view are amazing from Nagarkot. If you are on low budget then it’s also ok, you can find a good room in around Rs 2000 per night. Be sure to make a call for reservations, as it is tourist area the hotels may be packed. If you be there with your partner, i bet you will have some of the best moments in your life. The hostel rooms are also safe for couples, don’t worry about that.
Best Time to visit:

2. Pilot baba Ashram – Ghyampe danda

best places for couples in kathmandu - pilot baba
Pilot baba ashram

map: https://goo.gl/maps/knKKLyiruXWhYVvJ7

Pilot baba ashram is one of the amazing place for dating. You have have some peaceful moments with beautiful scenery together there. You can see the photo above, there you can find less peoples. The view from the Ghyampe Danda is amazing which is just behind this ashram. The entry fee is about Rs 20 (0.20$) per person and make sure you bring some foods from the shops nearby. You can sit in the ghyampe danda and enjoy the view from there. You can also go there with your family and frinds for picnic or just for hangout. It’s about 10 kms far from kathmandu and the road is also pitched and you can see some amazing views while going there.
Fee: Rs 20/person
You can visit there in any month.

3. Balaju park

best places for couples in kathmandu  balaju park

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/CkXL2Xh7GJ4RvgS48

The environment is fresh and quite. The view is also good and you can feel the nature. Though it’s not that crowded but many peoples visit Balaju park. You can have some amazing photos there if you bring a good camera (Phone). The park has some chairs where you can sit and enjoy the place peacefully.
Entry fee: Rs 50 (~0.50$) per person
Best time to visit : All over the year

4. Single Tree Hill

best places for couples in kathmandu - single tree hill

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/mHGQ1qjpeyRryRFv8

Main reason to visit :
Quite and peaceful environment
Amazing view of whole valley
Near from City
No entry fee
Can be there by Bike/car or even by walking
Tip: If you bring food it would be good otherwise you can also buy there

5. Garden of Dreams

best places for couples in kathmandu Garden of dreams
Garden of dreams

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/MNhBG3dyL3rD6FyL7

It’s located at center of kathmandu and very welcoming place. You can lay on ground for hours and enjoy sun with your partner. It’s very near from thamel area. So if you are around thamel, it may be the best place you can find.
If you don’t have your own vechile it’s one of the best place for a short date.
Fee: Rs 100 (~ 1$ ) per person and you have to pay extra for wifi

6. Mudkhu Bhanjhyang View tower

best places for couples in kathmandu mudkhu bhanjhyang

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/xt1oGsc6vdiMqbHx9

It is only about 15-16 kms far from the kathmandu valley. Mudkhu Bhanjhyang was very known from the famous comedy serial “Bhadragol”. You can have some peaceful moments there and can enjoy the amazing view from the view tower.
You can be there by using your own vehicle or by public bus from Machha Pokhari.
Fee : No fee but there may be parking fee

7. Manjushree park

best places for couples in kathmandu -manjushree park

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/HLy6Wb1BQ5gCdRKB9

Manjushree park is located in Chobhar, which lies in the southern part of Kathmandu Valley. Chobhar gorge, where the Manjushree Cave is located, is related with the interesting legends of the origin of Kathmandu Valley.
It’s a good place to visit with your partner.
You can go there by bus or by using your own vehicle. There is also whoophe land nearby where you can go after visiting this park.

8. White Monastery ( Gumba )

best places for couples in kathmandu - white gumba
White gumba (Monastery )

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/fFUo9cvJWqFJmNJu5

White gumba is located at very beautiful place from where you can see the nice scenery of Kathmandu valley.
On Bike from Hallchowk or Sitapaila it will take only 20-30 minutes to reach there.

How to reach White Gumba?
If you have your own vehicle (Bike or car) then you can take it straight up to the white gumba and If you are going by using public vehicle you have to walk from a junction of ramkot – white gumba. As it is located at up-hill, we suggest you to take a vehicle which is in good condition. The way to monastery is very steep, but you can go on bikes and cars but scooters are not recommended specially with pillion.
Fee: It’s free for all

Tips & suggestions:
Photos are not allowed at some places
Smoking and Alcohol is prohibited
It opens only on Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM

9. Chandragiri hills

best places for couples in kathmandu  chandragiri hills

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/PqUAqRNh9LLaGHex8


If you haven’t already been to chandragiri hills then you must. You can enjoy the amazing view from there with your partner. If you are lucky enough you can see the snowfall during winter seasons. You can get a taxi to reach there and to reach at top you can go using cable car (Rope way).
Tips: Bring some warm cloths because it’s cold there than you expect.
And don’t forget to bring your student’s identity card (If you are) to get discounts
Visiting months: You can visit there any month

10. Dhulikhel

best places for couples in kathmandu - Dhulikhel

Map (Dhulikhel Height): https://goo.gl/maps/eyxYJpLBA8wb5NNT9
Map (Dhulikhel Zip line): https://goo.gl/maps/o2jaNcbBx9tBe8Qh8

Dhulikhel is amazing place for doing many activities. You can just sit at the view point with your partner and enjoy the view or you can do some adventurous dating in zip line. You can stay there for a night and enjoy all of the Dhulikhel can offer.
It’s not that far from kathmandu and the way is also good.

11. Markhu

best places for couples in kathmandu markhu khulikhani hydro electricity

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/2FzvftLPkxjZ5a8P8

Markhu is my personal favorite place for spending a wonderful night or spend a joyful day with your partner. It’s seems like a fewa taal and can enjoy the boating and the dam side view is amazing and the best part is the fish fry. There’s no fee if you do not go for boating. The view and natural scenery is just amazing. You can stay in one of the lake side resorts there and can do fire camping boating, and other activities. You can go there by using your own vehicle or by using public bus.
Fee: Rs 110 – 160 for boating

12. Kakani

Kakani is one of my personal favorite places to visit. It’s not too far from Kathmandu valley & you can easily reach there by 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. There’s so much to do & also perfect for a romantic night out. And don’t forget to have a tasty Nepali Daal Bhat with Fresh trout fish.

Tips: Road is a little bit offroad so you better have a scarf or hoodie to avoid dust on your face & hair.
Lodging & Fooding: Hotels can cost you around 2k/Night (20-30$) & Food: Rs.700-800 with trout.
Road condition: Average
Activities: Photoshoot, Enjoy Nature, See Mountain Ranges, Enjoy the park, Taste trout, etc.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4CofqhWsj8ikEDwMA

Thank you for reading till this end, I hope this helps you to find the best places in or around Kathmandu for couples. I’ll be extremely thankful if you leave some comments about this blog.
If you have any other questions, please comment down.
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