Sayau Thunga Phoolka hami – National Anthem Of Nepal

“Sayau thunga phoolka hami” is the current official National Anthem of Nepal since August 3, 2007. The National Anthem’s lyrics are written by poet “Pradeep Kumar Rai” also known as “Byakul Maila”. Before this “Sriman Gambhir” used to be our National anthem when our country was ruled by King. The Current National Anthem is composed by Amber Gurung.

Nepal's Flag Gif - Nepali National Anthem song Lyrics

Nepal’s National Anthem “Sayau Thunga” Lyrics in Roman Nepali

sayaun thungaa phoolka haami eutai maalaa Nepali
sarwabhaum bhai failiyekaa, mechi mahakali
sayau thunga phoolka hami eutai mala Nepali
sarwabhaum bhai failiyeka, mechi mahakalai

prakritika koti koti sampadako aachala
bir haruka ragata le swatantra ra atala

gyana bhumi, santi bhumi, tarai, pahad, himal
akhanda yo pyaro hamro maatri bhumi Nepal

bahul jati bhasa, dharma, sanskriti chhan bisaala
agragaami raastra haamro, jay jay Nepal…..

national anthem of nepal lyrics

English Translation – Meaning of Nepal’s National Anthem

We Nepali are one garland made by Hundreds of Flowers
Sovereign is spread out from Mechi (Eastern boarder of Nepal- Mechi River ) to Mahaakali ( Western boarder of Nepal- Mahaakaali River )

Nepal is a playground blessed with millions of Nature’s Gift
Because of our Heroes blood, our land is independent and immovable

Nepal is Land of Knowledge, Land of peace (Gautam Buddha), Terai (Plain lands), Hills, Mountains
Our beloved, Motherland “Nepal” is indivisible

Nepal is Multi racial, multi lingual, multi religious land with huge cultural values
Our’s Progressive Nation, Oh Great Nepal

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