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Song Title Chitthi Bhitra
Performed &
Produced by
Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Lyrics TranslationNepali Songs Lyrics Team
Release date2018/01/01

Lyrics in Nepali

Chitthi bhitra rakhera pathaundai chu mero maya ma timi lai,
Kholi padhi deuna hai;
aate jati bharera paanaa haru maya ka kura lekhera,
Mann le jaaneko sabai.

akshyar akshyar jodera,
bhawana haru sabai pokhera,
timi lai nai, sumpidiye yo man.

timro astitwa le nai mero astitwa lai arthaa dincha,
haanso le khusi chine jhai,
mero mutu le timilaai chinchha.

hami dui ek arka kai saharaa le baanchaula haamro jindagi,
eutai naama bokera,
budhes-kaalma haaso le chaauriyeka hamra anuhar kaa rekhaa le,
hamrai kabya korera.

mero swar, mero sangit,
timrai naam garera,
Ma timrai nimti jiye jiban.

timro astitwa le nai, mero astitwa lai artha dinchha,
haaso le khusi chine jhai,
mero mutu le timi lai chinchha.

bhaye jati mero maya,
ali ali garda gardai;
timrai hatkela ma mailey,
lyaai rakhidiye sabai.
timrai haso ko drishya le,
mero khusilai rupa dincha,
timro astitwa le nai, mero astitwa lai artha dincha.

An little effort of “Nepali songs Lyrics” to translate this beautiful song in English

Chitti bhitra lyrics in English (Translated)

Inside this letter i am sending a confession of my love to you,
Please read that, ok!
Filling pages, by writing words of love
And everything that my heart is aware of.

Combining letter by letter,
Feelings all of which I could conjure.
I hand over my heart, to you.

Only your existence gives meaning to my existence.
Like a smile knows happiness,my heart Know you.
Let’s live together this life supporting each other,
Carrying the same name.
In oldage when our smile brings wrinkles to our face,
We’ll have poems written for us.

My voice, my Music,
I dedicate it to you.
I live for you, my love.

Only your existence gives meaning to my existence.
Like a smile knows happiness,my heart Know you.

All the love I have,
Little by Little,
I put all in your hands, darling.
The glimpse of your smile, gives shape to my happiness.
Your existence, gives meaning to my existence.

Music Video

~~~~THE END~~~~

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