Gai Jatra 2078 / 2021 – Wishes, Pictures, About Gaijatra

Introduction: Gai Jatra is a festival that is celebrated by the people of Nepal. Gaijatra is a festival celebrated by the local Newar community inhabiting the inner Kathmandu, Patan, Kritipur, Bhaktapur, and the peripheral regions. Gai Jatra is a festival of dancing, singing, mirth, and laughter.

How Gai Jatra is celebrated ?

GaiJatra is a Nepali Culture festival. GaiJatra is celebrated by Praying for their departed loved ones to reach the gates of heaven throughout the parade, the Kirtipur Gai Jatra vastly bases celebrations believing the gates of heaven to open on this day. For cows are not common in cities nowadays, young boys from the family dress as a cow. Various cultural programs are conducted and many nearby villages involve in the ceremonies.

Why GaiJatra is celebrated ?

Gai Jatra is celebrated for continues for eight days. Gai Puja is mainly held by the Newar community in Kathmandu valley to commemorate the dead in the last year. The origin of this celebration goes back to the reign of the Malla rulers. That is why there is much joy and joking during the procession that goes through the streets.

History of GaiJatra festival

Gai Jatra festival is the festival of cow. It is said people in ancient time started worshiping Yamaraj,”the god of death” on this day. However, the modern form of celebration of GaiJatra . it came into existence in the medieval period of Nepal during the reign of Malla Kings. the modern tradition of celebrating Gai Jatra started since the death of a prince during the Malla era. At that time, king Pratap Malla ruled Kantipur. King Pratap Malla wanted all his five sons to have experience in the administration of the country while he was alive.

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