YOU lyrics – Sushant Khatri

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YOU lyrics & song details: Nepali Song YOU is sung, written, and composed by Sushant Khatri & the lyrics are written by Sushant Khatri. The music video of this song is featuring Sushant Khatri, Silpa Thapa as the lead actors.

Song TitleYOU
SingerSushant Khatri
LyricsSushant Khatri
ComposeSushant Khatri
ActorsSushant Khatri, Silpa Thapa

YOU Lyrics

Tyo Hamro Maya Sachi Rakhau
Ek Arka Sanga
Yo Hamro Khusi Badi Rakhau
Ek Arka Sanga

Dukha Ko Aasulai, Sukha Banaune Chu
Tuteka Man Sabai Ma Jodi Diney Chu
Angalo Ma Rakhi Maya Le Badhne Chu
Lageka Choot Sabai Niko Banaune Chu

Maya Garne Chu, Madhya Raat Timilai
Saath Dine Chu, Ma Sadhai Timilai

(Na Na….na Na Na
Na Na Na.. Na Na..humm Umm Umm ) 2x

Bihani Ko Chiso Mausam
Tato Chiya Ko Swad Sangai
Nyano Rakhe Mero Angalo Ma
Haat Timro Mero Haat Ma
Mero Sir Timro Kakhma
Khusi Rakhnu Timro Jindagi Ma

Timi Sadhai Mero Hunu Hai
Chodi Tada Timi Najanu Hai

Maya Garne Chu, Madhya Raat Timilai
Saath Dine Chu, Ma Sadhai Timilai

( I Need You… Everyday
I Want You… Everyday
I Love You… Forever Till My Last Breathe ) 2

Music Video

~~~~THE END~~~~

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