Yatri motorcycle Vs Revolt Rv400( Price and Specifications)

In this blog I will discuss about the Yatri motorcycle price, specifications and release date. I will also compare it with the revolt Rv400 electric bike which is made in India, which may be a great competitor of Yatri motorcycle.

Nepal’s own electric motorcycle brand “Yatri Motorcycles”: The Cyber bike from Nepal

Yatri motorcycle uses 30 Kilo watt battery with the power of ~40Hp, but the part part of this motorcycle is it’s mileage which is 230 Kilometers in a single charge and another impressive thing about yatri motorcycle is it’s charging time. The bike can be charged to 100% in only 2 hours, from the normal plug used in our house. The riding cost is much cheaper than petrol bike because it costs only about 80-85 rupees of electricity to fully charge this bike. Currently this achievement is really great in this segment of motorcycle.
The body is made from the carbon fiber and designed by engineers of Nepal. This project is named as “Project Zero” by the company. This bike is first reviled in the sisan baniya youtube chanel.

My personal thought about Yatri motorcycle

The range is very good (~230kms in single charge) and power ( 30 kW40HP ) is also good. The design aspect somehow feels like royal enfield cafe racer but the design is cleaner and better than that.
It seems good for city ride but for off road, it’s not comfortable i guess.
The body is made from carbon fiber, which will make it expensive for sure but it will make the use of battery with more efficiency . I prefer to say it ” Cyber bike ” of ” Yatri ” just like Cyber truck of Tesla.
The dashboard is looking so crazy It looks like they have installed the complete tablet in the bike.
I hope this all specifications are not for just paper works. Please yatri motorcycle Stick with your words. We want to see all these specifications on road in normal life.

Yatri motorcycle Vs Revolt Rv400( Price and specifications) Comparison table

Specifications comparision with Revolt RV400 Premium. (Yatri vs Revolt RV400 Premium )

SpecificationsYatri MotorcycleRevolt RV400 Premium
ColorsBlackBlack & Red
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Charging time0-80% – 2 hours
0-100% – N/A
0-75% – 3 Hours
0-100% – 4hours
Mileage 230 km150 km
Weightn/a~108 Kg
Carrying Capacity n/a2 [Max 150KG]
Brake Dual Disc ABSDual Disc without ABS
Super Bike Sound speaker NoYes
Drive Chain DriveBelt Drive
Bodycarbon fiberplastic
Dashboard 7″ FULL HD TOUCHSCREEN with lots of featuresNormal Digital Dashboard
Warranty 8 years 8 years
Top speed120 km/hr85 km/hr
Fast charging YES (~)YES (~3 hrs)
Release Date March 2020 August 2019
PriceRumors: ~4 lakhs ~INR 1.38 Lakhs in India
~ Rs 3.5 lakhs in Nepal

To pre-order Yatri motorcycle : [email protected]

Pros and Cons of Yatri motorcycle

– High Mileage
– Super fast Charging time
– More Power
– Super light and Super strong – Carbon fiber
– Excellent and unique design
– Excellent Dashboard having alot of features
– inbuilt GPS
– Longer wheel base
– Premium quality tyres
– only one color option
– No battery swap like in rv400
– Not optimized for off roads
– price could be higher than rv400
– No storage box
– Low company support and can be difficult to find parts as Yatri is startup company.
– The specifications are currently not tested on road by users
– No super-bike sound speaker installed (If you are crazy for sound- which most of the riders are)

Pros and Cons of Revolt RV400 Premium

– Satisfactory mileage
– Have 2 color options
– Good & regular design
– Satisfactory quality tyres
– Key-less start
– No ABS
– only 150kms mileage
– Top speed is only 80km/hr
– Slow charging ~4 hours
– Very basic dashboard
– Plastic and metal body

Yatri motorcyle Pictures

Thank you for reading Yatri motorcycle’s price, specifications and release date till this end.
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