Total Number of Universities and Colleges In Nepal

Total Number of Universities in Nepal

Are you wondering about the total number of universities and colleges are there in Nepal ?

There are 15 universities all together in Nepal. Some of the top universities are: Tribhuwan university, Kathmandu university, Pokhara university, Purwanchal University.

Total Number of Colleges in Nepal

There are 1407 colleges in Nepal according to the data of 2074 BS provided by Ministry of education.

Trubhuvan university alone provides affiliation to 1161 colleges among 1407 colleges in Nepal according to the data of MINISTRY OF EDUCATION.

Total number of universities in Nepal

  1. Tribhuvan University
  2. Kathmandu University
  3. Pokhara University
  4. Purbanchal University
  5. Nepal Sanskrit University
  6. Lumbini Bauddhist University
  7. Agriculture and Forestry University
  8. Mid-Western University
  9. Far Western University
  10. BP Koirala Institute for Health Sciences
  11. National Academy of Medical Sciences
  12. Patan Academy of Health Science
  13. Karnali Academy Health Sciences
  14. Nepal Open University
  15. Rajarshi Janak University

1. Tribhuvan university (TU)

Tribhuvan univerity (TU) is an oldest public university of Nepal located at Kritipur 44618. TU is established on 1959 AD and it is the 10th largest university in the world, in terms of enrollment. It offers 2,079 undergraduates and 2,000 Post graduates programs with the help of it’s affiliated colleges around the country. It already provided affiliation to 1161 colleges in Nepal.

2. Kathmandu University (KU)

Kathmandu University is the third oldest university on Nepal and established in 1991 AD with the motto “Qulaity education for Leadership”. It is located at Dhulikhel, which is about 30km east of kathmandu. Kathmandu University is well known for it’s strict rules and well managed system with quality education.
It provides affiliation to 21 colleges in Nepal.

3. Pokhara University (PU)

Pokhara university was established on 1997 AD with a vision ” to be a leader in promotion of education through quality education and community service” and it’s central office is located in Pokhara. Pokhara University is partly funded by the GON (Government of Nepal) and partly from it’s students and affiliated colleges. It already provided affiliations to 62 colleges around the country.

4. Purbanchal University

Purbanchal university was established on 1993 AD by Government of Nepal with the objective of refining, inventing, preserving, adopting, extending and transmitting knowledge. It is located in Biratnagar and already provided affiliations to 131 colleges in Nepal.

5. Nepal Sanskrit University

Nepal Sanskrit University was established on 1986 AD with the motto of providing Saskrit education, to protect Saskrit Vidya, Religion, moral values. It’s central Office is Located in Dang. It already provided affiliation to 18 colleges around the country.

6. Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU)

Lumbini buddhist university was established on june17, 2004 and located at lumbini, Nepal (Birthplace of Lord Buddha ). It offers 4 years course for bachelor in Buddhism and also MA & PhD courses. There are 6 colleges affiliated to LBU.

7. Agriculture and Forestry University

The Agriculture and Forestry University is a public university established on 2010. It is the first technical university in the Nepal. This university aims to produce high skilled human resources required to work on research and development of agriculture. There are 2 colleges that are affiliated to this university.

8. Mid-Western University

Mid western university is an university that is being running by regional headquarters of Karnali and established on june 17, 2010 . It is located in campus Road, Birendranagar 21700 with about 3,000 students. Only 1 college is affiliated to the Mid-western university. It’s vision is to provide excellent education and scholarship.

9. Far Western University

Far-western university (FWU) is established on Aug, 2010 with the mission of overall development of student through research and scholarship. It is located in Mahendranagar, kanchanpur.

10. BP Koirala Institute for Health Sciences (BPKIHS)

B.P. koirala Institute for health science (BPKIHS) was establised on jan 18, 1993. It is located in Ghopa, Dharan. BPKIHS was upgraded as autonomous Health Sciences university on oct 28, 1998. It has postgraduate, undergraduate and university certificate programs. It is also starting PhD program soon.

11. National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS)

National Academy of medical sciences (NAMS) has been established by GON with the aim of producing trained manpower, to provide high quality heal services, to be an source for conducting research studies and to expand specialty health services . It was establised on 1978 AD but it is in this field along with the birth of Bir Hospital (1889 AD)

12. Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS)

It is a public non profit tertiary academic institution. PAHS is dedicated to improve Health by training health workers for rural Nepal.

13. Karnali Academy Health Sciences (KAHS)

KAHS is established in oct 20, 2011 by upgrading existing karnali Zonal hospital at jumla. It is established with the goal to provide quality healthcare services and education for the rural areas in affordable rates. It is an autonomous university that visualize at providing interdisciplinary leadership.

14. Nepal Open University (NOU)

Nepal Open University (NOU) is newly established university in 2016 AD. This is the premier Open university with equal legal status as other universities. This is an university with new concept. By utilizing technology it aims to provide quality education through internet i.e online learning mode.

15. Rajarshi Janak University (RJU)

Rajarshi Janak University (RJU) is an autonomous corporate body established on oct, 2017. It is located in Province 2 Janakpur covering a wide range of education like: Agri, Arts, Auryed, Philosophy, Forestry, Law, Mgt., Medical, Tourism and other technical subjects.

Here is the complete data for “Total Number of Universities and Colleges by Province in 2074 BS”

UniversityProvince 1Province 2Province 3GandakiProvince 5KarnaliProvince 7Total
Tribhuvan University16110047910717254881161
Nepal Sanskrit University133360218
Kathmandu University1017120021
Purbanchal University3223674401131
Pokhara University00379120462
Lumbini Bauddha University00501006
Agriculture and Forestry University00200002
Mid-Western University00000101
Far Western University00000011
BP Koirala Institute for Health Sciences10000001
National Academy of Medical Sciences00100001
Patan Academy of Health Science00100001
Karnali Academy Health Sciences00000101
Nepal Open University00000000
Rajarshi Janak University00000000

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