School Pathshala Lyrics – Sugam Pokharel

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School Pathshala lyrics & song details: Nepali Song School Pathshala is sung by Sugam Pokharel & the lyrics are written by Bhupendra Khadka and the music in this song is given by Sugam Pokharel.

Song TitleSchool Pathshala
SingerSugam Pokharel
LyricsBhupendra Khadka
MusicSugam Pokharel

School Pathshala Lyrics

Purana ti kehi anuhar
Aja aye malai feri yaad
Barshau bityo bhetghat chaina
Samaya sangai bhayo badalaab
Kumaleko chakra jhai ghumi rahane chola
Aakhai bhari nachirahe ti pal ra bela
Mannko smritima ajhai tajaa cha tasbir

(Hamro school, pathshala) x3

Padtheu sangai eutai kakchyama
Hanthap hunthyo pachadi basana
Aakha chali guruko haami
Bhagne gartheu cinema herna
Taja bhai yaad aaye manma yo bela
Farkiye hunthyo hola ti dinharu kasto
Mannko smritima ajhai tajaa cha tasbir

(Hamro school, pathshala) x3

Intu mintu schoolma
Hamro baba aanganma
school ko dai pale
Pahilo ghanti bajaideu
Baba Farkaideu (Ti

Ni Ni Ni Jhyaap) x2 Sathi Haruko bhidma uni Kehi
alag thiyin
Padhi lekhi jiwanma kehi
Garnu cha bhanthin
Copy satda satdai
Mann satiyeko pattai bhayena
Unko sathi lai thaha thiyo tara
Unlai bhanna holai

. Pal haru yaad hola nahola
Sayad aba hamro bhet kahilyie nahola
Mannko smritima ajhai tajaa cha tasbir

(Hamro school, pathshala) x3

Samjhana cha ajhai pani timro
(Laa lala laa laa lala) x2
(Hamro school, pathshala) x3
Timro samjhana ahai

Lyrics in Nepali

Old those few faces
come today I will remember
barsau passed Drink No
time together was changed to
the potter’s cakrajhai revolving personality
akhaibhari dancing in those moments, and when the
heart in the memory is still fresh in the image

(in our school, school) x3

padhathyau together in one class,
passive was behind the live
bugs teacher we
escape a knife to the movies
tajabhai come to remember this in mind when
back in those days, what would you
mind the memory is still fresh in the image

(in our school, school) x3

into mintu school,
our father yard
school janitor brother,
the first bell bajaideu
our Father pharkaideu
(t free free free Ni zyap) x2

Friends in the crowd she
is a bit different, she
read the writing more like some
instinct said this
paper satda satdai
mind satiekae did not know
his friends knew
, but he said none

where today Mary, of the holina
him those present to recall that it may
perhaps now we met, may never
mind the memory of Still fresh picture

(our school, school) x3 I

still remember you
(La Lala La La) x2
(our school, school) x3 I
still remember you.

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~~~~ THE END

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