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Rangin Lyrics & Song ♫  Details: Nepali Song Rangin is sung, written and music is given by Sushant KC.

Song TitleRangin
SingerSushant KC
LyricsSushant KC
MusicSushant KC

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Rangin Lyrics

I think I drank too much last night
Havoc in my brain, I need a remedy
I wanna make it alright, ah
Make it alright, make it alright
Time on the clock is one-two, o’nine
Everybody already on their grind
Why is she by my side, do I know her?
I need to get out of here as soon as possible
Wait, I don’t think it’s possible
I got no where else to go
Oh, it’s my home, in my bed
All I could do is make some eggs for me
For her, what am I gonna do about her?
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
For her, what am I gonna do?
There’s nothing wrong with you
I think you’re beautiful
यो गल्ती मेरो हो, तिम्रो होईन
साँझको बेला हेर, सम्हालीएन मेरो मन, मेरो मन
सम्हालीएन मेरो मन, मेरो मन
सम्हालीएन मेरो मन, मेरो मन
सम्हालीएन, सम्हालीएन मेरो मन
र-रङ्गीन, रङ्गीन रातलाई भड्कियो दिमाग
यो माया भन्ने आशाले…

~~~~THE END~~~~

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