Nari Diwas Quotes in Nepali (नारी दिवस/Women’s day wishes)

In this post, I’ve collected & written some Women’s Day / Nari Diwas Quotes in Nepali (नारी दिवस) & English and wishes. I hope you will find these naari diwas quotes, status & wishes worth sharing. The word Nari means ‘Women’ in the Nepalese language and Diwas means ‘Day of Celebration’. Nepal celebrates Nari Diwas by organizing different programs and meetings for women empowerment & for women’s rights. The government of Nepal announced this day as a National Holiday. It’s celebrated on March 8 or Falgun 24 in 2077, the same day as international women’s day. Let’s see some quotes & wishes for Nari diwas/Women’s day.

नारी दिवस/Women’s day quotes & wishes in Nepali & English

संसारलाई सुन्दर बनाउनका लागि महिला र पुरुषको समान भूमिका रहँदै आएको छ । त्यसैले, समान नेतृत्वका लागि एक-अर्काको योगदानको कदर गरौँ।
यो व्यवहार एक व्यक्तिबाट सुरु हुन्छ र समाजमा अभ्यास हुन्छ । लैङ्गिक समतामूलक समाज निर्माण गर्नका लागि प्रतिबद्ध बनौँ । साथै, नेतृत्व लिन र स्विकार्न तत्पर रहौँ।
हरेक अवस्थामा मानव-अधिकारको सम्बोधन हुने गरी महिलाको नेतृत्वलाई सुनिश्चित गर्ने प्रतिबध्दताका साथ १११ औँ अन्तराष्ट्रिय नारी दिवस मनाऔँ।

WOMEN have strengths that amazes man..
she can handle trouble & carry heavy burdens..
she holds happiness, luv & opinions..
she smiles when filing like screaming..
Nari Diwas ko subhakamana.

This March 8th, let’s go beyond token gestures. Let’s make Women’s Day count, every day.

अन्तरराष्ट्रिय नारी दिवसको अवसरमा सम्पूर्ण महिला जगतलाई शुभकामना ।

Whatever be the hurdles, Women can overcome those hurdles and can Bounce Back Stronger💪 To Every Woman Wish you #HappyWomensDay❤️

Happy Women’s Day!
Shower yourself with all the love today cause you deserve it!

Wishing everyone a very happy Women’s day. This International Women’s Day, I call upon all the women, the #AllRounders, who are constantly challenging the norm and inspiring everyone around.

Dedicated to All Women …😘♥️👍🏻 ♥️
Spoil her with Too Much of Love, Too Much of Attention, Too Much of Passion and Too Much of Laughter.
Rest, She will Manage to Give You Her All Love & Life To You…..!!!!
♥️Happy Women’s Day 2077 ..!!❤️

Though everyone’s life is full of challenges, women have to suffer more than their counterparts in almost every sector. But, by the dint of courage and patience of them the situation is changing. And we hope that one day there won’t be any difference between man and women in terms of social rights and view.
Happy Women’s Day 2021 to all.

Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.
Happy 111th International Women’s day.

Women are the real architects of society.

Where there is a woman, there is magic.

“A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd; she is herself.”
–Loretta Young

“A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants.”
–Coco Chanel

“The best protection any woman can have is courage.”
–Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”

“She believed she could, so she did.”

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