Mann Qaafira Reprise lyrics – Shivang Mathur, Priyanshi Srivastava

Mann Qaafira Reprise Lyrics & Song Details: Hindi Song Mann Qaafira Reprise is sung by Shivang Mathur & Priyanshi Srivastava and written by Shayra Apoorva and music is given by  Rishit Chauhan.

Song Title Mann Qaafira Reprise
Singer Shivang Mathur & Priyanshi Srivastava
Lyrics Shayra Apoorva
Music Rishit Chauhan
Cast Manish Tyagi & Shalini Chauhan

Music video

Mann Qaafira Reprise Lyrics

Sulage Se Lab Ye Mere
Sun Itteja Karte
Fir Se Inhe
Apne Labon Pe Rakh De

Ansu Baha Le Gaye
Rang Saare Mere Ghar Ke
Tu Chhuu Kar
Surkh Yara Rang Bhar De

Mehke Ruaan Ruaan Mera
Teri Tarha
Hothon Ke Darmiya Koi
Rahe Na Jagah
Mujhko Samet Lo
Do Saaye Ek Ho
Mange Hai Rahatein

Mann Qaafira
Jab Bhi Ye Barishein
Jismo Pe Aa Gire
Lage Tune Mujhe Chhua

Jalti Ye Khwaaishein
Aa Chal Bujha He Dein
Toote Hai Jo Bhi Daayra

Chalti Rahe Yun Awara

~~~~THE END~~~~

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