Maghe Sankranti / Makar Sankranti (Nepali Festival)

Maghe Sankranti Festival is celebrated in Magh 1st (around January 15). Maghe sankranti is also known as Makar sankranti in some places of Nepal and India. This festival is celebrated by all peoples of Nepal, but Maghe is specially celebrated by Newars of Kathmandu valley and by Tharu community from all over the Nepal (Kailali, Dang, Deukhari, Banke, kailali, kanchanpur, Bardiya and other parts of Nepal). Tharu celebrate this festival as their greatest festival by singing and dancing in their unique style with their cultural dress. Maghe sankranti is also said as Maghi by most of the peoples.

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maghe sankranti - tharu cultural dance

There is also huge Gathering of peoples “Mela” in thousands to celebrate this festival collectively.

maghe sankranti mela - barhakune daha dang

What you are going to know about “Maghe sankranti” in this article ?
– Why we celebrate this festival ?
– What are the foods we eat in the occasion of Maghe Sankranti festival ?
– How this festival is celebrated ?

May be you already know something about Maghe Sankranti, but today I’m going to write an detailed article on this. (Don’t forget to share this article to othersSharing is caring).

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Why is “Maghe sankranti ” celebrated ?

According to the Hindu calendar, from this day sun starts Sun comes in the “Makar Rashi” (Zodiac Sign- Capricorn) leaving “Dhanu Rashi” (Zodiac Sign – Saggitarius). That means in this day, the Sun starts northwards to ‘Makar Rashi’ and this day is believed to be the most coldest day of the entire year. So referring all these things in that day, Maghe sankranti is celebrated. From this day, it is believed that the days becomes longer than Night, which refers the win of positive energy (Day) over the Negative energy (Night).

Maghe sankranti is also celebrated by of sharing foods and by making donations to poor and hungry peoples. Actually, this festival lies at the middle of the winter and according to the farmers, this is the time when there is no crop yields happens in this time than other months. That may be the another reason this festival is celebrated to fulfill hunger of all peoples by sharing. It is believed that, donating sweets, foods and other items to poor during this festival opens the door to heaven when you go from this world.

What are the foods we eat in the occasion of this festival ?

As there are always specific foods or recipe related to each and every festivals, there are also some special foods that are eaten in this festival.
The special foods or recipes of Maghe are : Ghee (Ghya), Chaku (Molasses), sesame sweets, Tarul ( Wild Edible Yam ), sweet potatoes.
Tharu community make a special bread by steaming the rice flour called as “Dhikri”. The home made liquors along with pork & ducks meat is eaten to celebrate this festival.

maghe sakranti special food
maghe sankranti special food

How this festival is celebrated ?

In that day, after bathing in nearest rivers people eat ghee, chaku, laddu, tarul, sweet potatoes and donate or share foods with poor and neighbors.
In that day peoples also go to nearest temples “Mela” to celebrate this festival collectively.
In some places of Nepal (one i know is Nuwakot) there is also bull fight game where people take their bull to the fighting area.

full fighting on the occasion of maghe/ makar sankranti
Figure: bull fighting in Nuwakot

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Happy Maghe sakranti to all of you 🙂

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