Maahiya lyrics – Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud

Maahiya Lyrics & Song ♫  Details: punjabi Song Maahiya is sung by Shahid Mallya and written by Ashok Punjabi and music is given by Durgesh R Rajbhatt.

Song TitleMaahiya
SingerShahid Mallya
LyricsAshok Punjabi
MusicDurgesh R Rajbhatt
CastShahid Mallya, Sana Shaikh, Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud

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Maahiya Lyrics

Rooh har pal ve
Daude tere val ve
Ankhaan naa muka de
Ajj saari gal ve

Tu zindagi di khaas ve
Saahan de aas paas ve
Tu hi mera Rab sohneya (Sohneya)

Tu supne ch aave
Te kol beh jaave haaye
Zulfaan di chaa’ ch rakh ke sir
Main so jawaan, so jawaan (so jawaan)

Tu hansdi hi jaave
(Tu hansdi hi jaave)
Jaan kadd’di hi jaave
(Jaan kadd’di hi jaave haaye)
Teri ankhaan de doreya ch
Khud nu main ruljhawan

Tera parchawaan ban ban aawaan
Rab russ jaaye mera tainu je bhulaawan
Meri rooh di khurak tu
Rab je hi paak tu
Tu hi mera Rab sohneya

Tu zindagi di khaas ve
Saahan de aas paas ve
Tu hi mera Rab sohneya

~~~~THE END~~~~

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