Ladka Alag Sa Lyrics – Emiway Bantai (Prod. FLAMBOY)

Ladka Alag Sa Lyrics & Song ♫  Details: New Hindi Rap Song Ladka Alag Sa is sung by Emiway Bantai and prod. by Flamboy. The Music is also given by flamboy.

Song TitleLadka Alag Sa
SingerEmiway Bantai
LyricsEmiway Bantai

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Ladka Alag Sa Lyrics in Hindi

ladka alag sa ye badlega naksha ye
gaana jis din drop usdin pariksha hai
Mera surakhsa hai 24 ghanta
Sath me farishta hai
Haan mera rishta hai gehra, kudrat se
Haq ki kamai khud rakte
Kuch chlte good luck pe
Band krde budbak ke
Galat dhanda matlb galat banda
Ankhe hai fir bhi kyu andha
duniya ko kyu krra ganda
Padega danda lagega fanda
Tab jake smjhega tereko kitna tu mand tha
Chal be
Mereko ghanta farak hai kisi se
Ye linenay chape srf tupac or biggie se
Nakli log ko sirf bocha dega rikishi
Message’s karti hai bandiya pretty si
Life hai mashallah bolneko etc.
Dhoke jo karte wo, muh pe baatein karte meethe se
Apun bhi sadak ke bande hai ghumke ayele bey bkc
Lekin sab mujhe bolenge ki emiway bhadakna nai now be easy be easy
emiway peace hai peace hai.

Yes man koshish toh karele apun ki chilayenge nai
Wo toh hai. Aree maa mobile band haan 2X
Ghussa arah itnaa


Mai jeerah hu marji se silale darji se
Bete ki chaddi fateli hai
Mai niklela beta yahan khud k dumpe ha
Isliey toh meri pateli hai bina industry mei ghusse hum kheli hai
Naa bana chela na rakha koi cheli mai
Gaane toh bajrele har jagah har din
Mudde toh banrele daily hai
Khel hum jo khele tum kheliye
Zalim zamane ki taklifey jheliye
Jholam jhal k ginti me main nai hai
Pelam pal me pel diye, belan marke bel diye
chapati jaise hum hater ko
Pyaar karo watchman or waiter ko
Batista hai apun batista bomb dete
Jaa jake bhej undertaker ko
Wai sahi hai jiske dil me kuch nai hai (kasam se)
Gadi chalegi ye nai chaiye paiye
Duniya mei bharele kafi chapaiye chal be papaiye
Rapper nai saucer aur cup haiye
Pee ke fika dunga dhone ko sarpe ye
Fatka padega jab lukhe ye janenge
Apne se milneko kitne log intezaar pe
Mere bare bura bola chocobar le
Itna jyada famous hu mai ghumta bar me
Sabko bhad me feko Inko toh dekho
Apne he logo se apas me sadgai hai, sadgai hai.
Insaaniyat mar gai hai
Mahilaaye raste pe chlne ko kayko toh dar gai hai kyuu
Khane ko khana nai abaadi badgai hai

Lagade lagade baa, lagade baaa sablog ki lagade baa,
Haan haan
Lagade baa inlog ki lagade baa andar ki bujhade aag
Jiska bhala kare usko nai yaad Duniya barbaad
lagade baa inlog ki lagade baa andar ki bujhade aag
Jiska bhala kare usko nai yaad
‘Duniya barbaad 2X ‘
Ghussa arah itna ghussa hai khandani
Palti jo mare be usko main janta nai
Google pe mar search milegi jankari
Jaan pyari hai toh nai jeena udhari me
Zehrila sanp hu be khudka maddari main
Karta gaddari main kabhi nai
Abhi nai kiya toh kabhi nai
Shuru toh kar
kamyabi milega dhire dhire beta tabhi k tabhi nai
Sabhi nai bolenge tere baaton pe haan tabhi nai
Khona tu khudpe bharosa
aisa koi kamyab insaan he nai hai
Jisko kabhi kisine nahi kosa
Tera bhai dhosa ka shokin hai haan.
Aas pas khas mere 2 3 hain
Aur bhi hai public dil me jo baste hai
Baki k logo ko kyu gine. kyu 2X
Boht aye boht gaye boht din hai
Koi karta garda koi cocaine hai
Ladka boht vella boht shokin hai
Barso se karra hiphop
Haa bache masti karne areh mere pas rok inhe ruk.
Rukja baawa masti nai
Ye koi kashti nai ki
Jo bhi aave chad jaave baawa
Bantai ki public or bantai se masti naii
Apun sachai bolte or sachai toh kisiko pachti naii

Peace Out.

Ladka Alag Sa Lyrics Translation

This boy is extraordinary (me)
Here to takeover the scene
Whenever the song drops
Its the judgement day
Angel’s protect me 24/7
My connection is deeper with nature
Whatever is mine I own it
To those who believe in luck
Stop leaning and start moving
Wrong business then wrong personality
U got eyes but you acting blind
Why’re spoiling earth
You will be punished for your sins
Then you will realize/
But I won’t be much caring about others
they copy lines from Tupac and biggie
Fake one’s will get stink face by rikishi
Getting messages from pretty girls
Life is great by gods grace and etc
Backstabber are sweet talkers from the front
We straight outta streets
Use to cruise every street
People be asking me to calm down
Be easy, be easy
Emiway Peace ,peace

Yes man m trying to control myself
That’s true, Oh shit the phones off
Haan I’m getting angry …..


I’m living the way I want to
Haters be getting their ass stitched
Ive reached here on my own
That’s why everyone respects me
Without entering the industry I’ve done this
Never became anyone’s disciple nor kept any disciples
My songs being played everywhere everyday
Making money daily
You Play the game like I’ve played
Deal with the problems of this bad world
Don’t count me in scammers
Count me in fighters
I’ve rolled my haters flat
like a roller rolls the dough (chapati)Love the watchman and waiters Im like Batista giving Batista bombs
Go send the undertaker
He’s right who doesn’t have anything in his heart,
I swear
This journey keeps moving without wheels
This world is full of scumbags
Buzz off u loser
These rapper’s ain’t on that level
They aren’t aware of my value
Suck my di#k if you talk shit about me
Iam famous still I do outdoors
Leave everyone aside look at them
People are jealous of their loved one’s
Humanity is dead
Women scared to walk on the road
People can’t feed themselves but they Still having babies

Screw them,Screw em all Screw them,Screw em all
Calm the fire inside you
The ones you help don’t remember it
The world’s ruined
Screw them,Screw em all
Calm the fire inside you
The ones you help don’t remember it
The world’s ruined
I’m getting angry, My temper is hereditary
No love for backstabbers
Google my name and know my accomplishment
If you love life then don’t live in debt
I’m a venomous snake and it’s charmer too
I never betray anyone. It’s now or never
Start now, Success will come slowly but no now itself
Everyone will say no to you
Still you shouldn’t doubt yourself
There are no successful men who haven’t faced hate
I’m fond of eating dosa (south Indian food)
Haan, There are only 2-3 close ones around me
There are more who reside in my heart
Why should I count anyone else
Why why?
Many came many left
There are still days to count
Some do cheap drugs,some do cocaine
some are jobless yet demanding
Doing HipHop since long
These kids tryna come close and play me .. stop them
Stop right there kid don’t mess with me
It’s not a boat
that everyone trying to climb on
Don’t mess with Bantai’s public and Bantai
I say the truth and
They can’t digest the truth

#emiway #ladkalagsa #rap

~~~~THE END~~~~

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