Khaas lyrics – Navraj Hans Ft Ihana Dhillon

Khaas Lyrics & Song Details:Punjabi Song Khaas is sung by  Navraj Hans and written and music is given by Azad.

Song Title Khaas
Singer Navraj Hans
Lyrics Azad
Music Azad

Music video

Khaas Lyrics

Tasvira nu tu meri, Haye seene laavega
Mainu vekh k giara naa, Tu Tarle paavega
Tetho ik pal vi na maahi, Haaye jareya jaavega
Jado Chadd k Apni tha tu, Meri Tha te Aavega
Meri Tha te Aavega

Jado nahi hona main mahiyaaaa
Tainu hona eh ehsaas maahiyaa
Kinna si tu mainu Khaas Mahiyaa
Kinna si tu mainu Khaas Mahiyaa

Main takdi si ve tainu
Tu takda rehya gaira nu
Main khush si teri khushi ch
Ve main peendi rahi zehara nu
Tainu paise na mil jau
Hai Jism Bhatere ve

Par nai milni oh rooh
Jo mange Khaira teri ve
Ha mangge kahir Ha teri ve

O Jado nai auna koi raas mahiya
Tainu eh ehsaas mahiyaa
Kinna si tu mainu khaas Mahiyaa
Kinna si tu mainu khaas Mahiyaa

Ve pata lagna kisene jado haa tainu thugna
Fer aake mere naal je tetho ho jaave milavi nazra
Hun Hanju ik vi na, Meri ankho digda ae
Tere naa honda sajjna ve Koi fark na vikhda ae
Koi fark na vikhda ae

Hun na Rakhi koi aas mahiyaa
Tainu hona eh ehsaas mahiyaa

Kinna si tu mainu Khaas Mahiyaa
Kinna si tu mainu Khaas Mahiyaa

~~~~THE END~~~~

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