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Kaalo 2.0 Lyrics & Rap Details: Kaalo 2.0 is written & performed by Uniq Poet and released on Year 2020.

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Song TitleKaalo 2.0
RapperUniq Poet
Released Year2020
Music Video

Kaalo 2.0 Lyrics

emiway ko boldena, chal hatt
asia me koi nahi, mere jesaa ab tak
bahut hard, ham aadhi he bhaai
aba itanaa hindi, kaafi he bhaai

aba Nepali paaraama sunn, mero Nepali gaanaako dhun
sms voting baal, aba yo video her,
ani Nepali taaraalaai chun

god damm ahh ahh, daaju kadaa
dherai jaso ma, aafnai taalmaa
thaa hunna kaa chhu, kataa jaanchhu
jataa tehi babaal gardine, maile paachhu kalaa,
sable bhanna thaale
mainstream maa aayera, tero jaadu chalaa

ahh, jaagdaichha feri
2020 maa bhuhichaalo

every time i come around, jo risgarchha linchhu saato
yo geet haina yo kaalo jaadu, mero jaadu kaalo tero
mastijkamaa dastira baaTa astra haanne mantra jaal ho

Ima Killah, spell that whole shit uppercase
My shit make your whole clique suffocate
Die, bitch, why you tryn’ live another day
Cause’ I’m back with a mask n a fu*king blade
No mercy, I’m so thirsty went thru a whole
Lotta soul searchin’
But only made me more fu*ked up n now
Whatever u do really don’t hurt me
Tell these other rappers to move aside

Ya! fu*k it im 25 its either do or die
So I gotta make it happen gotta get back in
The game like make a lil more room for i
N who am i
Ima Killah Killah Killah Killah
Mofu*king Killah
Ain’t nobody realer
Make your body shiver like u finna watch a villain kill a
Stripper in a psychopath thriller
Lil mo iller

mero naam lidaa, saas sakiyos
jhiyaap ko taalmaa, manpari na khok
feri ta maathi yo bhut, jaai laagna thaalesi
ke hunchha, ta aafai soch

~~~~THE END~~~~

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