Bari Lai lyrics – Pahenlo Batti Muni

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Bari Lai Lyrics & Song Details: Song Bari Lai (Chichyaera Bolam vane Swarai Sukisakyois sung by  Rochak Dahal, Bikram Bashyal, ipesh Kunwar and written by Rochak Dahal -बरी लै’ [Bari Lai] is the debut single by पहेँलो बत्ती मुनि [Pahenlo Batti Muni] from their debut album Asthir.

Song Title Bari Lai
Singer Rochak Dahal, Bikram Bashyal, ipesh Kunwar
Lyrics Rochak Dahal
Actors Suman Rayamajhi, Reliza Shrestha
 Editor Shashank Shrestha
Music Video 

Bari Lai Lyrics

Chichyaera Bolam vane Swarai Sukisakyo
Maanai Bata Bolam Bhane Maanai Marisakyo
Bari Lai Bari Lai…

Ghau Dekhai vanam vane Ghau Bharisakyo
Aankhai Dekhai vanam vane Aasu Jharisakyo
Bari Lai Bari Lai…

Tadhai Hasam Bhane Aathai Polisakyo
Haatai Samayi Nacham Bhane Geetai Galisakyo
Bari Lai Bari Lai

Lukera Ma Heridinthe Hola
Sansar Ti Aankhai Batai
Maanai Mero Aljhecha Aaha
Maya Ajhai Ni Baljhen Ke Garu
Bari Lai Bari Lai…

~~~~THE END~~~~

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