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Balatkaar Lyrics & Song Details: New Nepali Rap Song Balatkaar is Performed by Uniq Poet ft. Shreejan Shyama. It was around 11 a.m. on July 26, 2018 when Nirmala Pant got on her bicycle to go to her friend Roshani Bam’s house in order to complete her homework. Pant, a grade nine student at the Saraswati Secondary School, was a resident of Bhimdutta Municipality in Kanchanpur. Pant never came back home.

Song TitleBalatkaar
SingerUniq Poet ft. Shreejan Shyama
LyricsUniq Poet ft. Shreejan Shyama
MusicUniq Poet ft. Shreejan Shyama
ComposeUniq Poet ft. Shreejan Shyama

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Balatkaar Lyrics


Let’s go,
It’s your boy UNIQ
DONOB Production, we out here!

Sunsan galli, andhero raat
Kam sakera farkada baji sakechha aatha
Hilo bato simsime barshat
Kurira hola usko buda paskera bhaat
Sukumbasi tol hudai jane bato dharap
Hallidai hidne haude saamu jogaudai laaj
Rujheko luga gupta angako chhap
Bardan sundarta huna gayo sarap
Mann maa trash
bhinna prashna khelcha tyai kram maa
ek janale jabarjasti thelhha uh aatinchhe,
chirchhe arko galli
Khai kaha ho thaha chhaina eklai rumalidai
Phone bajchha hello! chito aaipuga, ma aai sake
Aba ekaichhin kura
Ali para manchhe harko gangan
Usko dhadkan badna thalchha jhanjhan
Kadam chalchan ali tezz
Ti habaska pujarikaa agadi u pari ek
Jiskauchhan haatma churot boki
Dhuwale garda hoki lagchha uslai khoki
Katai naroki hidchhe naboli
500 jatima ta pakkai manches holi
Uh bhagchhe pachhi lagchhan
Karauna khojda sukyo usko saas jhan
Ladchhe haat khutta samatchhan
Ti pyaasi aankha haru unlai herdai haaschhan
Ghisardai euta anjan thuna
Darshak bho bhitto ko tyo chhar kuna
Mukhma talo ani paalai paalo
Garna thale rakchyas haru aafno kaam pura
Haan chura ani bhag bhani bhanchha
Mrityu manai usko ghau komala hunchha
Aankha banda saas chalcha manda
Labaris taal kapchha harek anga
Aba ya marnunai bes bho
Dusmanlai pani kahile nahos yasto
Baljiyo Uh aljhiyo
Chori bhayera janmanu pani galti bho
Birano raat eklo laas ra sadak
Tyai purano katha matra patra farak

Balatkaar Lyrics Translation in English

Justice for nirmala panta

Let’s go

Its your boy Uniq

DONOB production

We out here!

Silent alleyways, dark night

She is returning home after work, it’s already 8

Muddy streets, the drizzling rain

Her husband is probably waiting her to join for the dinner at home.

Her way to home through the slum areas is a risk on its own

She is trying her best not to catch any attention from strangers.

Her clothes are wet imprinting her body parts

Is beauty a boon or a curse in such a case?

She is scared.

A lot of questions come to her mind.

Someone collides with her while she is lost in her head.

She gets anxious and takes another alleyway.

She doesn’t know where she is headed anymore due to fear.

Phone rings! “Hello come back soon”

“Im on my way, don’t worry”

In a near distance, there are a few people talking and laughing.

Her heartbeat starts to accelerate.

She starts walking faster.

An angel amongst a group of lust demons.

They tease her with cigarettes in their hands

She starts coughing, maybe due to the smoke.

She doesn’t respond and keeps walking.

One of them says “What’s your rate, girl? Rs. 500?”

She runs fast and they start chasing her too.

She tries to scream but she is already gasping for air.

She falls down, they grab her hands and legs.

Those lustful eyes look at her and laugh hysterically.

They drag her to an abandoned building.

The walls as audience.

They block her mouth and proceed to rape her.

One of them says “Stab the bitch, let’s go now?”

Maybe death is the only remedy now!

Eyes closed, her breath slowly fading away.

Strayed on the streets, her body shivers from cold.

Even she is convinced it is best to die now.

She prays no one else has to go through this as she takes her last breath.

Such a trap, and she fell for it

I guess coming to this world as a daughter is a mistake.

Gloomy night, a lonely dead body in the street.

The same old story, but a different victim.

~~~~THE END~~~~

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