Asar 15 Dahi Chiura / dhan diwas – Wishes & All You Need Know About

Asar 15, Dahi Chiura Khane din, Ropai (Plantation day / dhan diwas) 2078 – Ashad 15 is very special day for all Nepalese people, but even more special for farmers. Nepalese celebrate monsoon as a festival. The Nepal Government announced Asar 15 as National Paddy Day, to encourage farmers and celebrate the crop planting festival. Not only farmers but other people also go to muddy field to give their skin a touch of earthy flavor nature provides. In this day ladies do rice planting and men plow the field, Singing some traditional asare songs & dancing with some traditional moves. People enjoy mud this day & eat dahi chiura ( Curd & Beaten rice ) to celebrate asar 15. I’ve written some wishes to wish asar 15 dahi chiura day for your relatives, friends, parents, siblings & others.

Asar 15 Dahi Chiura Wishes and Photos

asar 15 dahi chiura dhan diwas
asar 15 subhakamana wishes - Dahi chiura khane din - Dhan diwas

Wishing the farmers and everyone in Nepal a very happy Planting Festival (Asar 15). May your soil be blessed and the year fertile! May every smile left on the field be equal to countless sacks of rice.

Dahi Chiura khanu tara dahi chuire chai nahunu
Happy Asar 15 anidahi chuira khane din ko subhakamana

Happy Asar 15 😃 Rastriya Dhan Diwas ko Subhakamana 🌾

Asar 15 ani dahi chiura khane din ko Subhakamana
Hope for the same love towards Land, Soil, Nature, and Nation till you live.

Aja Asar 15, hami dui sangai dhaan ropna Jaaula
Timi Chiura chapaudai basnu Ma chai Dahi Khaaula. 😉
Happy Dahi Chiura day !!!

About Asar 15 in Nepali

The 15th of Asar (around June-end) is a big day for Nepal, where rice is a staple diet. The country observes this day as Ropain Jatra or Dhan Divas (Paddy Day), the government-designated day that marks the start of a paddy transplantation season. On this day, farmers transplant paddy, not forgetting to make fun on the sidelines by singing songs, splashing each other with sludge, eating and drinking, mostly, the homemade brew. They transplant paddy, hoping that yields will go up this time.They also feast on curd and beaten rice, which gives them energy to transplant paddy in the scorching sun or drenching rain.


what should be done in asar 15?

Eat dahi chiura ( curd & beaten rice ) and enjoy the mud in paddy field. Plant flowers & trees around your house and enjoy the monsoon.

~~~~THE END~~~~

If you have any photos, information or wishes for asar 15 ( Dahi Chiura khane din ) then comment down, we’ll feature that in our post. 🙂

Thank you for reading about “Asar 15” till this end.
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