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Song TitleAaideu Aaideu
SIngerJems Pradhan
Record Date2013
Uploaded to Jems Pradhan

Aaideu Aaideu Lyrics

Aaideu aaideu mero jiwanma aaideu
Laaideu laaideu chokho maya laaideu
Aaideu Aaideu mero jiwan-maa aideu
Laideu-laideu chokho maya mero jiwanma……
ahanhanhan laalaalaa

Hasaaideu hasaaideu roi rahechhu hasaadeu
Sajaaideu sajaaideu angaalo khaali chha sajaideu
Hasaieu hasaideu roi rahechhu hasaideu
Sajaideu sajaideu aja pani hera khali chha angaalo…..
ohohoho lalalala

Khojiraheko maile barshau bhayo
Kuri rahada mero barsau bityo
Chhana ta chhan dherai sansarma
Dekheko paidaina lekheko hunu paryo

Khojiraheko maile barsau bhayo
Kuri rahada mero barsau bityo
Chhana ta chhan derai sansarma
Lekheko chhaina mero karmai adyaro
ohohoho lalalala

Aideu aideu mero jiwanma aideu
Laideu laideu chokho maya mero jiwanmaa…..
ahahahan … . lalalala
Hasaieu hasaideu roi rahechu hasaideu
Sajaideu sajaideu aja pani hera khali cha angalo
hohoho lalalala

~~~~ THE END ! ~~~~

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